Modern, dark mode for Google Docs

Available in the Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons Store, Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store, and Opera Add-ons Store, DocsAfterDark has over 70,000 daily users worldwide. Created with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and packaged with build scripts written in Bash and NodeJS.

An experimental chess engine and web interface

Chesster is a TypeScript chess engine developed with a focus on fast and accurate move generation. Using a bitboard-inspired approach, Chesster has been optimized to perform up to 32x faster than chess.js in move path enumeration performance tests. Chesster also features PvP and tabletop gamemodes for local play.

A corner of the internet for my ideas and thoughts

PostBoard is a personal showcase and blog platform featuring experimental designs. Created in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without any external libraries.

Browser extension to analyze spending of UCSD's Dining Dollars and Triton Cash

In active development, Budget Buddy locally stores spending data and processes the data in a React web app. Created with JavaScript & React.

A web-based recreation of the card game, UNO

Very Cool Uno is a free-to-play web game featuring custom cards created by Benjamin Wong. Created with NodeJS, Express,, React, and MongoDB.

Watch Together

Browser extension enabling real-time video playback across multiple devices

Allows multiple users to watch a video together in real-time on any website with a video element. Created with JavaScript and

Musical Projects

Original compositions and instrumental music

Most recent release is a 5-track EP titled "Subterranean Jingles" released on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other streaming platforms. Created with Ableton Live.

Commissioned and personal motion graphics projects

Received numerous awards for motion graphics work, including National Nominee for 2020 Student Emmy in Animation/Graphics/Special Effects category. Created with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.